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Maths at St Johns

Maths Curriculum Intention

At St John's, our Maths curriculum is intended to:

  • Ensure children have the essential fluency skills in the four key calculations;
  • Develop the children as critical thinkers, who are able to analyse problems in mathematical terms, identifying what they need to do and to ask questions to further their learning;
  • Encourage children to take ownership of their learning, by choosing strategies to solve problems to suit the purpose of their task and organise answers in a logical way;
  • Develop the children’s knowledge of how maths can be used in everyday life;
  • Find links within other subject areas, showing transferal of key mathematical skills;
  • Provide opportunities for children to be creative, curious and logical as they navigate, investigate and contribute to answering problem solving and reasoning questions.

Maths Implementation

  • Please open the following links below to see our year group plans for Mathematics.
  • Maths is taught every day in every year group.
  • Maths is planned using the National Curriculum objectives.
  • Other resources are used to support the teaching of maths such as White Rose and Power Maths.
  • Teachers plan units of work based on the objectives needed tto be covered.
  • Arithmetic and Times Tables are taught as separate lessons each week.
  • Unit lessons are taught 3 days a week with clear links to arithmetic and times tables.
  • We assess pupil progress through the end of term assessments using Headstart year group assessment tests. This information is used to make a judgement about achievement in this subject at the end of each term and reported to parents as Expected level or Not Expected level at the end of the school year.

Maths Impact

  • Pupils’ work is evidenced in workbooks.
  • End of unit assessment tests which show the level a child is working at.
  • Working wall displays to show current learning.
  • Other formative or summative assessments that support judgements of children’s attainment in maths.

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