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At St. Johns, we believe that having engaged, motivated and happy children is a key factor if they are to succeed and achieve well in their learning. This is why we have a two-tier approach to how we implement homework. We recognise that there are some parents who like their children to have additional work to complete at home whilst other parents believe that primary age children shouldn’t be placed under additional stress and pressure. Therefore, we believe that our two-tier system is the best approach to meet the needs of all of our parents and pupils. 

Tier One – Non-Negotiable Homework

Whilst we recognise the need for quality family time and for children to be able to relax away from school, some small and non-demanding tasks prove invaluable in supporting every child’s learning and development.  Therefore, we expect all children from Reception to Year 6 to:

  • read daily;
  • practise their phonics/spellings;
  • to learn their times tables. 
  • Year 6 Reading, Grammar/Punctuation/Spelling and Maths

Tier Two – Opt-in Homework

In addition to the non-negotiable homework tasks, parents can also opt-in for additional homework for children in Reception to Year 5 to be sent home each week. If you would like to opt-in to this, then we would expect:

  • The child to complete the homework task set by their class teacher;
  • For the parent to talk with their child about their homework learning and to mark it together;
  • For the child to then return their homework to their class teacher so that they can check through what has been completed.

The benefit of this additional homework, isn’t just about consolidating learning from school, but it also helps to develop good routines for learning at home. It is also a fantastic opportunity, for parents to sit down with their children and to talk to them about their learning. The books will be sent home on a Friday and should be returned to school on the following Monday where someone will check through the books before sneding home again.

What to do next if you would like your child to receive the opt-in homework

We start the weekly homework tasks as soon as possible in the Autumn Term. The class teachers will arrange this.

To support our approach to homework, we will once again be using Homework learning books produced by CGP. These books are easy to use and the tasks are pitched in line with the age-related expectations for children from Reception to Year 6.

English CGP.jpg   Maths CGP.jpg  

If you would like your child to have these extra homework books, please complete the order form that will be sent home with your child.

Please note, that there is a small charge for the purchase of the books. We are able to order the books through school at a significantly discounted rate compared to if you bought them yourselves. Year 6 children receive the books free of charge as this a non-negotiable item. However, if the books are lost or damaged, there is a charge to replace them.

Homework books will be given to the children once payment has been received.

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