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Friday 10th October 2014

Dear all

I know I'm in living in Kalangala but at this very moment I'm sitting
in the Aponye Hotel in William Street, Old Kampala, on a now overcast
52nd Independence Day. I did walk up to Independence Park to see the
festivities but wasn't allowed in with a camera!

I'm here in Kampala because I'm waiting to get a special pass on my
visa. On arriving in July I took out an East African Visa rather than
a Ugandan one only to find out when I needed to extend it that EA ones
can't be extended. Thus MAF Logistics has applied for a special pass
for me and I have to go to their offices in Makindye tomorrow morning
to pay them for it. I also hope to be able to pick up the User Permit
for Maranatha Gateway's land from NEMA, the environmental department
in Kampala Road.

It's been a busy month since my last email. During the last two weeks
of September we held out first full course at Maranatha Gateway. This
was Carpentry for beginners and we were delighted with the response
from the students. They all did so well.

Rod March, a friend from The Community Church in Wrexham, came out to
join us a few days before the course started and helped us during it.
Rod flew back to the UK in the early hours of this morning having had
a great time out here - at least I hope so - perhaps you could send a
reply to all recipients, Rod, that might encourage others to join us.

During the last week of the course I took Rod to visit three of the
local schools, Serena Nursery School in Mweena, Bridge of Hope Primary
School in Kalangala which is twinned with St John's Primary School in
Sandbach, and Sserwanga Lwanga Memorial Secondary where he was able to
meet Monic, whose school fees are sponsored by The Community Church in
Wrexham, and some of the other pupils.

Last weekend was spent in Kampala where I took Rod to visit "the
sights" which included two cathedrals, the national mosque, two
churches and the Kampala Carnival. Then on Monday we headed north to
Murchison Falls National Park for a safari tour which was stunning.

Thanks for all your love and support for us out here in Uganda. This
time I've attached a few photos for you.

Stay safe


‘With God
All Things
Are Possible’

Matthew 19:26


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