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We are very proud of how we approach Teaching and Learning here at St. John's. We believe that putting children at the centre of our approach to planning the curriculum, will encourage and foster a positive culture to education and above all... a thirst for learning.

Every child is different. Every child is unique. Every child is special.

Teaching and Learning is very simple and very straightforward. It's a bit like a car journey and getting from Point A to Point B. Every child starts at point A and it is our job to ensure that every child reaches Point B, simple! However, every childs Point A is different. Some are further on than others and so need high end challenge. Some are not as far on as others and so they may need extra support and guidance. With every child having a different starting Point A, it means that they all have a different end Point B. Knowing each individual child, knowing where they are starting from and where they need to get to is essential and vitally important in order to ensuring that every child reaches their potential.

So how do we ensure that every child reaches their potential?

As mentiond above, it is vital we know where children are when they start our school and where they need to get to. When a child starts at our school, whether it be at the start of Reception or mid-year within other cohorts, we always take a 'baseline' picture of what they are capable of. We take into consideration any previous test scores that a child may have had, such as Key Stage 1 assessment levels. We also take into consideration our own assessments on entry and teacher observations. On entry into Reception, a baseline picture is taken of every child by the October half term break. This data is then summarised and analysed by the EYFS teacher and the Headteacher. From this, we formulate plans of action and focussed planning to address the weaker areas of the children's understanding as well as supporting individual and specific groups. 

For any child starting mid-year within any cohort, we complete a baseline entry on that child within the first two weeks of them starting at St. John's. Our baseline entry for these children is called a 'Mobility Report'. In this report, we take into consideration: The child's previous attainment and test scores from their previous school; Our own assessments from basic reading, spelling and maths tests; Our own teacher observations; And any other key information such as social, behavioural and pastoral observations.

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