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Art at St Johns

Art Curriculum Intent

At St Johns, our intention for the Art and Design curriculum is to:

  • Develop key skills in each year group through units of work that have key threads which are repeated in different contexts. These key threads are: line, tone, colour, shape, space, form, pattern, texture.
  • Provide children with the essential knowledge to be able to develop their skills as artists, designers and craft makers.
  • Inspire the children’s curiosity to become artists, designers and craft makers by exploring a range of engaging artists and their art work reflecting history and diversity from around the world.
  • Give children freedom to express themselves through experimenting and inventing with different mediums.
  • Develop critical thinking by evaluating their own and others’ techniques and choices.

Art Implementation

  • Please open the link below to see our long-term curriculum plan for art.
  • Please open the link below to see the progression of skills across this subject.
  • We use unit plans to develop the knowledge and key threads, resulting in an end of unit challenge for all pupils. Wherever possible, teachers will plan units of work that will support learning in other areas of the curriculum.
  • Art is taught each term in every class through three key areas: drawing, painting and sculpture.
  • Sketchbooks are used to practise skills from Year 3 onwards.
  • A range of artists are studied in every year.
  • We assess pupil progress through an end of unit challenge based on the key skills of the art curriculum being taught and recorded on the unit plan. This challenge will include using all the skills taught across the unit. This is reported to parents at the end of the year as Expected or Not Expected.
  • School trips to galleries can be used to reinforce work on specific artists or specific artistic styles.


Art Impact

  • Pupil work is evidenced in pupil sketch books from Year 3 onwards.
  • Individual pieces of artwork are completed for all children.
  • Classroom displays reflect best practise and development of key skills.
  • Visits to art galleries can be used to support the teaching of a particular unit.

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