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Spirituality at St John's

My personal journey…                  

             My personal connection…       

                                                       Through the nurture of human wholeness


I have come in order that you might have life—life in all its fullness. (John 10:10, GNB)

Church of England Vision for Education


'a school community formed around our vision will discover an education that embraces excellence and academic rigour within the wider framework of spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, moral and social development and enables them to flourish.'

Spiritual Development: interpretations of spiritual development in the classroom

The Church Of England Education Office


 Spirituality at St John’s weaves its way through all areas of school life. We seek for our pupils to value each other and to live out our Christian values so that anything can become possible for them. We are invested in the development of the whole person so that all our pupils might experience 'life in all its fullness' and ‘Walk through the doors of possibility' at St John’s Primary School.


Our vision supports the growth of the whole child, to develop respect for feelings and values, their perspective on life, and in realising their potential.  


We recognise that everyone’s spirit needs to be nourished, regardless of faith or belief, though nurturing relationships with God/self/others and the world around them, and in providing opportunities for meaningful experience.


At St John we recognise spirituality as being imperative to human wholeness and we value individuality and differing spiritual needs; we therefore offer different wads of experiencing and expressing spirituality at different times to suit a wide range of tastes, capacities and gifts whether it is through developing a personal relationship with God, exploring the wider world, engaging with and developing beliefs and values or through nurturing imagination and creativity.



We marked the 4 Sundays of Advent leading up to Christmas Day by lighting the candles of the Advent Wreath. Mrs Osborne lit the white candle on Christmas Day and shared in with the whole school community on our school social media platforms and school website.



Ash Wednesday

We had a special Ah Wednesday service in school led by Reverend Bee from St Mary’s Church in Sandbach where we were invited to have the sign n the cross marked on our forehead or our hand. Our families were also welcome to join us.



The Key Stage Two pupils walked down to St John’s Church to take part in the Christingle service.

Revealing this at St John’s…

  • In developing a sense of belonging that brings peace and security, our community grows. We provide a culture of wellbeing and nurture, where all are accepted and loved and this enables pupils to be confident, and make positive contributions. 


  • We offer a deeper experience in Relationships so that every member of the school community feels valued and supported. Through human relationships, Pupils will recognise their own importance, that other people matter, and that there is something greater than oneself. 


  • Provide a relationships education on how we value ourselves and each other – developing relationships with one’s self, others and with our God


  • We live the golden rule of ‘treat others in the way you want to be treated’ Here a culture of forgiveness is fostered with restorative justice and reconciliation used to repair and also encourage responsibility, in living our ethos. Forgiveness of self and others is always a priority in our school community.


  • Living a moral life established in universal Christian values. Our values are absorbed into ourselves so we can flourish as moral citizens, guided by something bigger than ourselves.


  • Making well-being and fulfilment a priority. We see the spiritual dimension as integral to the well-being of both the individual and community. 


  • Nurturing a safe classroom culture - where all are accepted and respected and mistakes are vehicles of growth.


  • To open gateways to the paths of spirituality through the curriculum we offer. The St John’s Curriculum is designed to make us wonder, ask questions, and make connections that take us ‘behind and beyond the surface’ of the curriculum and offer a deeper experience. We realise that deeper opportunities exist across the curriculum to live our vision and values and reveal wisdom. 


  • In experiencing life and learning at St John’s, Pupils become aware of the world, connect with it and respond and reflect upon their learning expressively (whether planned or unplanned) leading to spiritual development.

A personal spirituality

In considering the spiritual development of each person, we explore opportunities to meet a range of dominant spiritual temperaments; delivering a curriculum where enjoyment, curiosity, fascination about the world, enquiry, imagination and creativity are always a priority, utilising our abundant school grounds and local area, and ultimately provide opportunities for our pupils to glimpse a deeper reality.