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Mrs Jenkins (Y6) 2022 - 2023

Mrs Jenkins

Mrs Jenkins

Is Deputy Headteacher and theYear 6 teacher. She spends time with her daughter, Molly and her dogs, Buddy and Cooper.

Mrs Leigh

Mrs Leigh

Is a Teaching Assistant in Year 6. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Mrs Moore

Mrs Moore

Mrs Moore is a teaching assistant in Reception and Year 6.

Mr Ashley

Mr Ashley

is a teaching assistant in Year 6, outside of school he spends time with his wife and 3 children and enjoys going to the cinema and comedy/music concerts.

Wales Primary School: Year 6H


Summer Term 2023

Here is some information on what we are learning this term, but you can find detailed information on all subjects by downloading the 'curriculum Information for Parents' attached below.


English Books to support learning in Writing:

shackleton.png  a story like the wind(1).jpg

Our English lessons will continue to use the text 'Shackleton's Journey' which is based on Shackleton's expedition to the South Pole. We will explore the text and use it to write short and longer pieces of writing. We have not finished this unit yet as we have been busy doing lots of revision. We will then start our next unit called 'A Story like the Wind' by Gill Lewis

There will be 2 main outcomes for each unit:

Shackleton's Journey - To write an endurance narrative and a magazine article.

A Story like the Wind - To write a flashback narrative and to write a newspaper report

The key objectives being taught through these unit are:

To understand how words are related by meaning as synonyms and antonyms
The difference between vocabulary of informal speech and vocabulary appropriate to formal speech and writing – formal tone

The difference between vocabulary of informal speech and vocabulary appropriate to formal speech and writing - informality of direct quote contrasting with formality of vocabulary choices

Use of the passive to affect the presentation of information in a sentence

Linking ideas within and across paragraphs using a wider range of cohesive devices – adverbials
Use headings and sub-headings to structure text

Linking ideas within and across paragraphs using a wider range of cohesive devices – repetition and ellipsis
Use headings, sub-headings, columns and captions to structure information

Use commas to clarify meaning and avoid ambiguity: Used as a break in a sentence, after a fronted adverbial, separate items in a list and parenthesis
Using semi-colons as boundaries between independent clauses

Use dashes, brackets and semi-colons to punctuate sentences precisely to enhance meaning
Use range of punctuation taught at KS2 (Speech punctuation)

Reading lessons will focus on a range of texts linked to modern fiction and poetry. These texts are:

Year 6 spring reading.png



Maths    Maths.jpg

Children in Year 6 will be learning objectives from The National Curriculum. We will be trying to cover objectives in most areas of the Maths curriculum to prepare children for the end year SATs tests. You can find these objectives on the curriculum overview for parents attached to this page.

Science  science_0.jpg

We will be studying 2 science areas from the Year 6 curriculum this term. These are and 'Light' and 'Electricity'. Again, all the information you need is on the Curriculum information for parents attached to this page.



This term we will be following the Chester Disocean planning to complete units of work in the theses of: Discipleship and Hinduism.


PE      PE.jpg

PE is every Monday and every other Tuesday afternoon. Children should come to school on those days in their PE kits. Children should have the correct PE kit of dark shorts and a coloured school T-Shirt to match their team. A tracksuit is allowed for outdoor PE in colder weather and this includes the school hoodie (hooides must only be worn on PE days). The correct footwear must also be worn. Girls must tie their hair back and remove or cover earrings.


Other Subjects

The children will complete learning challenges in:

Geography: To understand more about the human and physical geography of Asia. Challenge: To prepare a leaflet or brochure for one country studied.

History: To understand how Crime and Punishment has changed through time - from Roman times to present day. Challenge: to create a timeline of cimes and punishments through the ages using text and pictures.

Design Technology: To design and make a working light showing a good understanding of circuits.

Art: To design and make a collagraph print.

Computing - Digital Literacy: To learn how to use Microsoft Publisher and create a document about an Asian animal.

Music -   'You've got a Friend in Me' and 'Music and Me'


REVISION: All year 6 children have been given a revision pack with guidance on how to use it. This pack is help children prepare for the tests in May (starting 9th May 2023).

Spellings will be taught and tested in class on a 4 week cycle, giving children more time to practise and consolidate spelling patterns. The spelling patterns being taught can be downloaded on this page along with the common exception words for Year 5/6. Reading should be completed 3-4 times a week, with the aim to complete one school reading book per week. This weekly reading should be recorded in the reading record and handed in when asked for. When a book is finished, 3 comprehension questions should be recorded to show understanding of the text. If a child is on Level 15 or higher then a book review must be completed.

Let's have a great Summer Term

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