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Miss Cragg (Y2) 2023 - 2024

Miss Cragg

Miss Cragg

Is Year 2 teacher and outside of school she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Mrs Riddle

Mrs Riddle

is a teaching assistant in Year 2 and teaches P.E.

Miss Dodd

is a teaching assistant in Year 2.


This term we will be very busy learning lots of new things. Here is some information about the things that we will be getting up to but you can find detailed information on all subjects by downloading the 'Curriculum Information for Parents' that is attached below. 



Our English lessons will use the texts ‘A River’ and ‘The Night Gardener’.
We will explore these texts and use them as a focus for our writing.

The outcomes will be:
- To write a circular narrative
- To write a letter to inform
- To write a setting narrative
- To write a diary to recount

A river pic.jfif      Night Gardener.png

Grammar and punctuation skills will be taught throughout these units.
We will focus on:

Grammar: Text
- The correct choice and consistent use of past and present tense throughout the writing.

Grammar: Sentence
- Subordination (when, if, that, because)
- Co-ordination (or, and, but)
- Writing a sentence that indicates its function as a statement and question
- Expanded noun phrases for description and specification

Grammar: Punctuation
- Use of capital letters, full stops and question marks and exclamation marks to demarcate sentences.
- Using apostrophes to mark singular possession in nouns
-Using apostrophes to mark where letters are missing in spelling. 
- Use commas to separate items in a list.

Grammar and Punctuation lessons will also take place each week in addition to our English writing lessons. Please see the attached Grammar and Punctuation plan below to see what we will be covering in these lessons.  

Our Reading lessons use the Steps to Read scheme and these are some of the books that we will be using this term... 

Unit 2 steps to read.jpg

Our Maths lessons will focus on learning the objectives from The National Curriculum. We will try to cover objectives in most areas of the Maths Curriculum to prepare for the end of term test. These objectives are on our overview.  On a Monday our lesson will focus on times tables and on a Friday our focus will be arithmetic. 

maths symbols.png

In our History lessons we will be learning about The Great Fire of London and comparing what life was like in 1666 to today.
The end of unit challenge will be to create an informative poster about The Great Fire of London.


greast fire.png

In our Geography lessons we will be learning all about our local environment. We will be looking at geographical similarities and differences through studying the human and physical features of Sandbach.
The end of unit challenge will be to create a map of a town.


In Art we are going to be practising and developing our drawing skills. We will look at lines in artwork and use viewfinders to help us focus on particular areas.
The end of unit challenge will be to draw St Paul’s Cathedral.

St Pauls.jfif drawing.png

In our Design and Technology lessons we will learn all about wheels, axles and chassis.
Our end of unit challenge will be create a moving fire engine.  

 fire engine.jfif

We will be using the iPads and laptops during our lessons to help us research and display information.


In our Science lessons this term we will be learning about animal needs and survival, humans, materials and the sustainability of plastics.

     animals.jpg materials.png


Our RE lessons will focus on Understanding Christianity and the theme of God. During the second half of the Autumn Term we will be focusing on Christmas.


Our PE day is a Thursday. Mrs Riddle takes us for PE and this term we are working on Fundamentals, Ball Skills and Invasion Games.  Please see the attached file 'PE Kit' to check what you need to wear for PE.


Mr Norbury takes us for Music on a Thursday afternoon, this term we will focus on the units ‘Hands, feet, heart’ and ‘Ho, Ho, Ho’

music notes.jpg


Everyone in Year 2 is given a reading book to read at home, sometimes this is a levelled book, an eBook or a book for you to read for pleasure. Practising the common exception words, spelling rules and times tables is something that we expect you to do too. 

Homework books that focus on SATS skills including comprehension and mathematics can be purchased from school - these are optional and will be given out on a Friday to be returned the following Monday. 

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