Year 4 and 5 2016-2017 What is Spam?

This half term, in E- Safety, J2 have been looking at 'What is Spam?'

We looked at Charlie's story and discussed what we would do.

One day Charlie gets an email from an address he doesn’t know. In the Subject box it says “You’ve won a prize!” The message reads, “Congratulations! You’ve won a big prize! To claim your prize, click here.” There is no name at the end of the message. Charlie clicks on the link and sees a webpage advertising a pimple cream. He tries to close the page, but other advertising pages pop up for tooth-whitening and foot-odor products. Every time Charlie closes a page, another ad pops up. He can’t seem to get off the site.

We decided to create a song to help others from doing this.

Please enjoy!