Year 2 2016-2017 What is my digital footprint?

Today the children in Year 2 undertook their second e-safety lesson for the year. The children learnt about what a digital footprint was and how everything that they did whislt on the internet left a trail and people could find out what they had been doing whilst using the internet. Therefore the children were enoucraged to think about what they could do and share on the internet and the things that they shouldn't.The children watched the following video to help them to think of lots of different ideas, click on the image below.

After watching the video we made 2 lists, list one was things that we could do on the internet and list two were things that we should not do on the internet.

List 1 (What could we do?) - Play games which are suitable for their age and have been checked by an adult, Send emails with the help of a parent to a family member or friend and use the internet to research our topics at school.

List 1 (What shouldn't we do?) - Play games which are too old for us, share personal information with others like our name, address, telephone number and school and talk to people that we do not know. 

The children they used footprint templates. In one footprint they drew pictures of things that they could do and in the other footprint they drew pictures of things that were not safe to do on the internet.

Well done Year 2 for being so sensible when thinking about using the internet!

Take a look at some of the footprints created by the children;