St Johns to Bridge of Hope Challenge





St. John's to Bridge of Hope Challenge

Do you enjoy a challenge?

Do you enjoy getting outdoors?

Are you looking for something to do as a family?

Then help us to travel the 6,760km from

St. John's CE Primary School

to the

Bridge of Hope in Kalangala, in the Sesse Islands, Uganda.

Who can do this challenge? This challenge is open to all boys and girls who attend St. John's AND their parents!

What do you have to do? It's really simple! Everytime you go for a walk, swim, run or bike ride, simply record how far yoou have travelled in metres or kilometres, fill in the challenge envelope and send in to school. Make sure you complete one envelope for every person!

If I play for a sports team, can this count? Unfortunately no because it is difficult to measure how far you have travelled. This challenge is not just about travelling the distance from St. John's  to the BOH, it is also about encouraging families to get outside and do exercise together.

Will it be expensive to do? That is the best thing! It will cost you very little... if anything at all! Getting into the fresh outdoors is free. Try walking the dog as a family; go for a run with your mum or dad; go for a bije ride in a local park or why not go swimming as a family. There are so many things that you can do as a family, getting exercise, getting fit, being healthy and best of all... having lots of family fun!

How do I find out how far I have travelled? Almost everyone now has a phone app which you can use, that measures how far you have walked, run or cycled. You can also use pedometers to measure your distance. There are also lots of websites that can measure how far you have travelled - all you need is your start and end points! Download the distance conversion chart if you need to estimate how far you have travelled or to convert between different measurements.

Where do I get the challenge envelopes from? You can pick up the challenge envelopes from the school office or from outside Mr. Whittle's Office.

How often do I have to fill in an envellope? Complete 1 envelope a week. So you will need to keep a track of how far you have walked, swam, run or cycled in a week. So for example, if on Saturday you ran 2km, on Sunday you swam 500m, on Monday you cycled 1km, on Tuesday you walked 1km and on Wednesday you walked another 1km, then in total you have travelled 5,500m or 5 1/2 km in just one week! Wow!!! You then need to write this distance down on your envelope, get it signed and post it in school.

Where do I return the challenege envelopes to? When you have completed your envelope, simply post it in the red post box outside Mr. Whittle's office (don't forget to get it signed by an adult if you are a child!).

What happens when I've posted my envelope? Mr. Whittle will collect in the envelopes every Friday and enter every persons distance into the St. John's to BOH accumulator sheet! This will keep track of how far we have travelled altogether as well as keeping a track of how far every individual person has travelled.

Why do this as a fund raising event? This This challenge has two key  objectives, which are:

  1. To promote physical exercise and healthy lifestyles for children, with their parents, outside of school;

  2. To raise money to continue our support and help for our sister school in Uganda, the Bridge of Hope.

The key focus is to promote health, fitness and exercise for childrren and the whole family. But if we can make a donation into the enevlope for every time we do some exercise, then we can help raise money for our sister school The Bridge of Hope.

The best thing is that once again, you don't have to donate much! Look at it like this, if we raised an average of 10p for every km between St. John's and The Bridge of Hope, we would raise £676! All of that for just 10p every time you exercise!!! A phenomenal amount from so little!

A selfish question, but what's in it for me? This isn't a selfish question. We should always think about why we are doing something before we set out to do it. Not only will you be helping our sister school - The Bridge of Hope - but you will also be getting fit, healthy and will enjoy spending lots of quality family time together.

But, for every person who takes part - they will receive a medal and a certificate, which will show exactly how far you have travelled which has contributed towards the whole school effort! 


So come on, are you up for the challenge?

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