Sports Funding

PE & Sports funding for 2016-2017

We were allocated a total of £8,720 PE grant for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Below you can find a brief breakdown and summary of impacts statements of how that PE grant was spent;

Specialist PE Coaching from Sports Coaching North West (SCNW)

Total Cost:



To deliver specialist PE coaching to all pupils in KS1 and KS2, once a week, every week throughout the school year.

To deliver two, 1hr afterschool sports clubs at KS2 and whole school throughout the school year, aimed at increasing sporting and exercise participation.


  • Support and improvement in delivery of PE lessons in school;
  • In house CPD for teaching staff;
  • Specialist teaching and delivery of lessons for pupils;
  • Improvement in timetabling and implementation of PE lessons.
  • Positive engagement with pupils for the after-school clubs.
  • A large number of pupils accessing a free after-school sports club promoting health, fitness and exercise;

Sports Competitions & Trophies

Total Cost:



To develop a more purposeful and inter-school sporting competition calendar, aimed at competitions for the sports that children want to particpate in.


  • Strong partnership working between all PE leads of our local cluster of 9 primary schools.
  • New inter-school cross country league established;
  • New winter football leagues embedded and developed (based at Sandbach United)
  • Town Sports event;
  • KS2 girls and Yr.3 & Yr.4 football competitions;
  • Positive sporting engagement of pupils and parents at such a minimal cost for trophies and certificates.

PE & Sports Funding for 2017-2018

The DfE have increased the PE sports funding into Primary Schools for this academic year. For further information on the guidelines, purpose and expectations of the funding, please click on the link below to take you to the DfE PE Funding website.

This academic year, St. Johns CE Primary School will receive £17,360. This is an increase on last year of £9,010.

The payments come from the local authority and is paid in two installments. 7/12th In November and the remaining 5/12th in May. The DfE pay the sports grant direct to the local authority in October and April, whose responsibility it is then to disseminate it to the schools.

Our funding this year will be spent on:

  • Continuing to employ sports coaching north west (SCNW) to support and enhance our school’s teaching and learning of PE in KS1 and KS2.
  • Extending the service provided by to SCNW to delivery of PE lessons for Reception class;
  • Extend the service provided by SCNW to deliver and lead lunchtime playground activities, encouraging positive physical exercise through games;
  • To implement a new data collection and personal fitness improvement tracker that can be used by the school to analyse performance as well being used by pupils and their parents;
  • To improve our trim trail play equipment to allow it to be used throughout the school year rather than just the drier and warmer months, thuse encouraging more physical and active play during break and lunch times. 

Further information with regards to the Governments strategy on the PE & Sports Grants for Primary Schools can be found by clicking this link.