Safer Internet Day 2019



Here at St. John's CE Primary School, we are delighted to once again take part in and raise awareness of Safer Internet Day. It is incredible the rate at which our technological world has grown and there are many benefits that it has brought us. Our once big world, is now a much smaller and closely linked place. But with great opportunities, come greater dangers and so it is vitally important that we teach our children today, not necessarily how to use the technologies of today, but more importantly how to keep themselves safe.

We need to give internet safety the same relevance and importance as we do with water safety, road safety, stranger danger and bullying. Today's world is changing at a lightening pace... one of the best things we can do is enable our children to keep themselves safe online.

Please do take time to watch the videos below and to downlaod the resources linked to Safer Internet Day 2019.


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