Mr Rob Whittle

Hi and welcome to our school. Firstly, thank you for taking the time to have a look at our school website and for wanting to find out more about St. John's CE Primary School.


St. John's first opened as an Infant school back in 1866, which means that we will be celebrating our 150th annivesray in 2016. It has stood the test of time and remains as strong today as it probably did back in the Victorian era. Our school, which mainly serves the catchment area of Sandbach Heath, has a real 'family centred' nature about it, which is always commented upon by every visitor who we welcome through our doors.


So what can I say about our school? Well... what a great place it is to be first and foremost! Honestly and genuinely, St. John's is a very unique and wonderful school. I personally love coming to work here every day. Sure, there are times when it can be difficult and challenging (tell me any job that isn't), but what makes this school such a good place to come to every day, are the children. The children are dedicated, very respectful and most importantly... know how to have fun. They are joy to teach and to work with because they quite simply enjoy school life. The friendships they make, the learning they do, the challenges they set themselves all contribute towards making their primary school life a memorable and happy experience. We are really proud with the fact that, when our children leave us at the end of Year 6, they leave us as happy, confident and assured people with a love of learning that they want to continue into their secondary education. Our children recognise that here at St. John's, they come first. Their education, their happiness and their well-being are the number one priorities on our list, and with everything we do in school, we always ask the question, 'What difference will this make to our children?'


Our children feel valued, they feel loved and they feel protected... and becuase of these attributes, they achieve well. It's a big claim to make, but EVERY single child in our school reaches their 'expected' potential. But, we don't like to put a lid on our children's potential, we want them to keep on achieving, keep on challenging themselves but most importantly, keep on loving their learning!


So what else is special about our school? Well the staff here are brilliant, and I'm talking about every member of staff... not just the teaching team. What is unique about our school is that EVERY member of staff knows EVERY child in our school. And that is not as easy to achieve as you may think, especially when you have approximately 150 children in a school. But what makes it achievable is that EVERY member of staff cares for EVERY child and we all absolutely love working here. We have a great team who are dedicated, enthused and supportive of one another. We share a common drive and we are all working to the same goal, which is to provide the very best education for the children in our care. I truly believe that what our staff do here at St. John's - day in, day out - is truly outstanding!


So what about me? This is now my seventh year here at St. John's CE Primary School as the Headteacher. I graduated from University in 2000 with a Bachelor of Hnours degree in Education and then completed my National Qualification for Headship (NPQH) in 2008. Previous to working here, I was deputy headteacher at Middlewich Primary School and before that I was a teacher at Wharton CE Primary School in Winsford and at St. Luke's CE Primary School in Newcastle-Under-Lyme. Throughout my teaching career, I have predominantly worked in upper key stage 2 with years 5 and 6. But I have also taught in lower key stage 2 and had experiences working in key stage 1 and reception.


What do I love about teaching and working in schools? Well I'm just a big kid at heart! I like to have good fun with what I do and I especially enjoy the fact that when you work with children, no two days are ever the same. Although headship is completely different to the day to day running of a classroom, it is just as important. I may not have the day to day direct teaching link with children in the same way that teachers do, but there many aspects to my job which do impact upon what actually happens in the classroom. So it is important to me that I give my all and my best to my job so that I can do my bit to helping the children succeed and achieve well. I'm a very firm believer that in anything that you do, you are more effective as a team rather than as an individual. No one person in our school has a job more important than any other. We all have a key purpose and role to play and should we take any one person out of that equation, then we will not be as effective as we are.


As for me outside of school. Well I have two adorable little girls of my own. They are my life! My eldest is in her key stage 2 years and my youngest is due to start primary school in September. So not only do I see primary school from the professional side of the fence, I also see it as a parent, which is very helpful in my job. When I don't have my two girls keeping me busy, I like to play lots of sports and try to keep myself fit. Since quitting competitive sports a few years back, I have taken up competing in Triathlons. I love the competitive side of sport and I'm always setting myself personal targets to improve upon! I will get up to the Brownlee brothers standard one day! The other big enjoyment in my life that I spend a great deal of time 'unwinding' with, is watching Bolton Wanderers. Many would say that this is not 'unwinding' but the complete opposite. But I have been a season ticket holder for many, many years and it's simply engrained into me now!


You will find linked to this page, mini biographies about every member of staff who works at our school. We all believe in this school and we are united in our drive to succeed for the children. So have a read, find out more about our school and our staff. If you would like to come and visit our school and see us in action, then please do not hesitate to give us a call and arrange a time to come in.


Kindest regards

Mr. Rob Whittle