At St John's CofE Primary School we believe that educating the children about E-Safety is just as important as water safety and road safety. There are very few careers that do not involve using some form of technology and so ensuring that the children are aware of the benefits of using everyday technology, such as (computers, laptops, pads, mobile phones), is important however equally important is making sure that they are aware of the dangers that they can face. Doing this means that the children will not only be able to use technology efficiently but they will also be able to keep themselves safe when using online devices.

For this reason at St Johns School all of the children across both KS1 and KS2 are learning about E-Safety based around the following themes;

Internet Safety

Privacy and Security

Relationships and communication


Digital footprint and reputation

Self-image and identity

Information Literacy

Creative Credit

​​​​​​These themes help us to follow the Digital Literacy Curriculum developed by The South West Grid for Learning and Common Sense Media.





The children take part in an E-Safety lesson at the beginning of each half term and from some of the lessons create videos, leaflets and have homework activities to complete with their parents and guardians. Please view some of the childrens E-Safety videos at the bottom of this page to find out more.

If you click on the images below you will also be able to find out more information, games and stories for children and parents about E-Safety.

 Kids Smart  

  CBBC website


Hectors World 

  Media Smart



  Information for children and parents

  Activities and information for children and parents

  Microsoft Password Checker

  Smartie the penguin book, information for parents and children

  Digi-ducks e-book for parents to share with children

  Kara, Winston and the Smart Crew, E-Safety Videos for KS2 children

thinkuknow logo    Think you know

  UK Safer Internet Centre, Pupils and Parents Information

  Swiggle, search engine for children

  Ask Jeeves for Kids, search engine