Year 3 and 4 2014-2015 Don't talk to strangers online posters

On Wednesday 21st January the Year 3 and 4 children in Miss Ollier's class took part in their second E-Safety lesson of the year. The learning challenge question for the lesson was 'How does the interent help you connect with others?' During the lesson the children thought about how the internet can be excellent for keeping in contact with friends and family who live far away. However, more importantly they thought about why it was important not to talk to people that they did not know, in a similar way to the way they would not talk to a strangers.

The children understood that;

  • They should always ask a parent before they talk to their friends on the internet
  • That they should click decline or delete if anyone wants to talk to them who they do not know
  • That they should not tell anyone anything about themselves on the internet
  • That they should tell and adult that they trust if something on the internet makes them feel unhappy

The children watched a video about Kara, Winston and the Smart Crew called 'What should you accept?' (video link) After watching the video they thought of some excellent ideas that they could include on their posters to encouarge chidren in our school to be careful who they talk to on the internet. Look at the photos below to see some of the excellent posters created by the children.