Assessment at St. John's

From September 2015 major assessment changes were introduced to all schools. These changes were because ‘Levels’, which had previously been used to judge pupils attainment and measure their progress have now been removed. Levels are no longer! Schools were given the freedom to create, build and establish their own assessment arrangements. Schools are now responsible for deciding on how to best assess and track pupil’s progress and achievements throughout their educational life and every school will approach this in different ways.  However, the statutory End of Key Stage 1 & 2 tests (lovingly known as SATs tests) will still remain as will the collection for EYFS Baseline assessments and the Year 1 Phonics Screening checks. We will hold meetings for parents of children in those year groups during the Spring term.

The target setting, assessment, tracking and reporting systems that we have created are now fully embedded within our school and we are very proud of what we have implemented. Our system is simple and straightforward, which at the end of the day is what we all want.

Our target system, assessment, tracking and reporting arrangements are:

  • Simple and easy for teachers to use – teachers teach the objectives and then assess the objectives, informing what children can and can’t do and what their future teaching & learning needs to be centred around;

  • Bespoke for pupils ­– It will identify every child’s  strengths and development areas, which will enable us to intervene with support to overcome any particular learning barriers;;

  • Informative for Parents – Rather than waiting to the end of the year to see how your child has done, you will receive regular updates on the progress of your child which will show you  their strengths and development areas. You will also have a much clearer overview of what your child needs to know from the year group they are in from the new Year Group Handbooks.  

  • Complimentary to our School Philosophy and Ethos – It is important that our school target setting, assessment, tracking and reporting arrangements marry up  with our teaching and learning approach. We believe in every child and everything we do has to be about the child, ensuring that they are happy, enjoying school and learning well.

  • Allow us to monitor progress ­– The beauty of our new system is that it will allow us to continue to monitor every child’s progress in even finer detail and most importantly, to intervene when we need to because a child’s progress rates have slowed down or there are barriers to their learning. But it will also provide uus with a wealth of progress and attainment data that we will be able to use to analyse the whole school, specific year groups, gender groups, vulnerable groups… in fact any group that you can think of, we will be able to analyse, ask the questions and then to put into place actions to address issues.

There are documents below, which are available to download, which will answer questions that you may have about our target setting, assessment and reporting arrangements. There are also documents below that you will find helpful when assisting your child with their learning at home. Remember, learning doesn’t just take place in school. It takes place at home and everywhere you go. So to help you, we’ve provided two key documents below about ‘Grammar and Punctuation’ and ‘How we teach the four operations in Maths’. All the documents available to download from this page are:

  • An overview to what parents want to know;

  • Frequently asked questions about our assessment;

  • A glossary and explanation of the Grammar and Punctuation elements that your child will need to learn throughout their primary years;

  • An overview of how we teach maths and in particular the 4 operation strategies and the stages in which we teach them to our children.

To find our exactly what your objectives your child is going to be covering this year, please click on the relevant Year Group.

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