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Mrs Jenkins

Mrs Jenkins

Is Deputy Headteacher and the Junior 3 teacher, she spends time with her daughter, Molly. Her hobby is mostly shopping!

Mrs Moore


Spring Term 2020

BIG QUESTION: Coast, City or Country, Where would you choose to live?

This term we are leading our learning through a BIG question. This questions is related to the theme of 'Our Community', and will aim to ask the children to question where they would choose to live based on completing 5 separate challenges, all with an outcome to help them to choose. These are:

  • Geography - compare Liverpoool, Llandudno and Sandbach by gathering information then present an argument using your evidence
  • Art - compare the work of Lowry, Gormley and Constable thren craete a piece of work in their style
  • Design Technology - Design and make a re-usable bag to encourage less single-use plastics
  • Computing - Research the damage single use plastics cause to our coastlines then use Publisher to create a poster encouraging less single use plastics
  • Music - work in a small group to compose and perform a piece of music based on the sounds of the coast, city or countryside

The attached Spring Term Map of learning shows some of these and the skills children need in order to reach their goals. You will see that subjects are going to be taught discteretly so that children learn to build their skills and knoweldge before reaching the final product or outcome.

English & Maths

The children will still learn all the skills they need in English and Maths with some discrete lessons, but the English will link with the Big questions and encourage children to write for a purpose. This term we are focussing on 2 key texts: Greta's Story and The girl of Ink and Stars. We will be using the texts to write various types of texts including biographies, information texts, persuasive texts, descriptions and short stories.


In Maths the children will spend this term reinforcing their calculations skills and using these to solve problems. There will also be a lot of arithmetic practise to further support calaculation, but also to improve their mental maths abilities.


PE is everyWednesday afternoon. Children should have the correct PE kit of dark shorts and a white t-shirt. A tracksuit is allowed for outdoor PE in colder weather. The correct footwear must also be worn. Girls must tie their hair back and remove or cover earrings.


All year 6 children must complete homework. There are 3 books that are sent out weekly (on a Friday) and must be returned by the following Wednesday.

Year 5 children still have the option to do homework. If they opt in, then homework is sent on a Friday and must be returned by the following Monday.

Spellings will now be taught and tested in class on a 4 week cycle, giving children more time to practise and consolidate spelling patterns. Reading should be completed 3-4 times a week, with the aim to complete one school reading book per week. This weekly reading should be recorded in the reading record and handed in every Monday for a check. When a book is finished, 3 comprehension questions should be recorded to show understanding of the text. If a child is on Level 16 or higher then a book review nust be complete.

Let's have a great Spring Term

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